Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes  - Hand Crafted Woodwind Instruments
sitka yellow cedar
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About Us

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Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes was started in Alaska in 2010. Our family owned business is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and our family is committed to providing beautiful handcrafted Native American Style Cedar Flutes and displays that please you spiritually by sight and sound. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to handcraft a cedar flute or a specialty wood flute for you or a loved one.  We take pride in our craftsmanship of each unique flute and stand.
Information from our craftsman, Jason L.
I am of Mexican Indian descent. My wife is of Cherokee/Choctaw descent. We both have been draw to teaching our children and others the love of the flutes.
I myself have found peace in playing Native American Style flutes during a transitional point in my life.  The sweet melodic sound of the different woods calms my soul and soothes my weary mind. 
It also brings peace of mind to those who enjoy the sweet and sometimes haunting sounds of the flutes.  The notes vibrate through the wood and into your very soul bringing peace to the player and the listener.
I eventually combined my love of woodwork with my love of the flutes and began making my own.  I researched several different flute craftsmen styles and eventually combined their styles with my own unique personality to come up with these original flutes.  I feel as if I have a spiritually emotional attachment to working with the cedar wood.  Each flute has a life and sound of it's own. No two are alike. The animal and characteristics of each fipple come to life out of the wood.  Each flute is made by hand with spirit and love.  I used nothing but all natural products. I use triple filtered bees wax that is all organic, grade triple A tongue oil for the inside bore and mouth piece of each flute.
Jason is assisted with his woodworks by his daughters and wife who are learning the craftsmanship and contribute ideas for designs.  The fleece flute bags are designed and created by the family as well.
 Flute lessons are now being offered on line and in person.  Contact us through email at:  or on Facebook under either Peaceful Sounds Native American style Flutes or Annett or Jason Leyva.  You can also call or email and set up a time to do lessons via, yahoo, messenger or Skype.  1-907-884-7884.
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Christmas Eve 2010 005
What Child is this performed at ACSL Christmas Eve 2010 Vocals- Melissa Mitchell Native American Style Flute played by Jason LeyvaPiano/Keyboard - Susan Brakhall
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jason leyva playing drone powwow.MOV
Jason playing the Native American Style Drone Flute at the Peaceful Sounds in Alaska booth. At the Dean'ina Center during the Ida'ina Gathering March 2011.
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