Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes  - Hand Crafted Woodwind Instruments
We make handcrafted cedar flutes and cedar display cases in a wide range of styles to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or inquire for more information on products and custom options.
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Many of those who have chosen to take upon themselves the art of flute making find themselves teaching others that wish to do the same. ( It's a Flute thing...LOL)one of my students that I am particularly proud of Is Bradford Hughey of Michigan... who is now Meadow Craft flutes of Michigan. Not only his friendship..but his passion and creativeness for flute making is inspiring. many days you will find us on the phone brainstorming about new flutes and flute designs, one of these cool ideas was to make plexiglass jigs for 1" bore flutes for placing the note hole measurements for the simple flute maker. So in the creation of this new idea they have been named:
The Bradford Flute note hole jig.
Here's my bro....:)
One of the latest creations in the Peaceful Sounds shop is a set of 3 tapered cold rolled steel Native American Style tuning rods...with Western Red Cedar handles small, medium, and large. For tuning Woodwind Instruments. which are available for sale on this site
This Is my 1000th flute.
It's funny but out of all the flutes I have made for others I have never made a flute for Myself. here it is in celebration of a mile marker in my flute creations and evolution...This Flute is made from with Egyptian Black jet inlay bands...Sleeping beauty Turquoise bands...and Sanora light blue Turquoise...hand carved Black Ebony Raven. Cream and brown leather straps with wooden accent beads, brown and cream and custom double fleece line flute bag. this flute will be entered into the Alaska Fur Rondy wood crafts show here in Anchorage Alaska
Hand made fleece flute bags
Hand made fleece flute bags
Examples of flute bags. Specific material designs may not be available. But we would be happy to send you pictures of material that is available for bags. $10.00 each for single bags $20.00 each for double lined bags

The Flute Creation between the Client and :
All special order Clients must understand that their order purchase will be completed by schedule and time allowances...but I promise to always keep good communication with the Contact with the client is important as your flute is a creation between the flute maker and you.  Communication always helps with clarity for instruction and details for us as well as the client.  Remember, this is your flute we are creating for you. Feel free to call us anytime with questions
 If you have a specific Totem (animal) I can TRY to create it for you as your fetish/totem.  Just contact us with your request and or photo of the Totem you desire. Feel free to call with any questions you may have.   
These are some examples of fetish/totems that were created for clients.  They will vary in style and shape as each is hand created.
Totems can be created individually.  Specifics will be needed regarding the flute it will be sitting on.  If interested in just a totem please contact us.
 Flutes: Purchasing and Custom orders...please contact by email or phone
1-907-884-7884 or

Western Red Cedar Flutes:
sized flute, 1" bore
with Fipple Block 
keys of :
 G, F#, E,
and F#
Grasshoppers (smallest flute 3/4" bore)
This is the key   high C
Specialty woods
(Any wood not western cedar)
Tennessee red
Canary... Etc.
Exotic wood may be available. Contact to inquire if the wood you are looking for is available.                                               
Starting at $200
 Custom flutes with inlay Starting at $250
CD'S and DVD's are currently out bof stock and not available
If you like the music on the site you will love either of   Each CD is 60 min of pure flute music.
Peaceful Sounds in Alaska 2010
 by flute artist J. Leyva         $10
  Spring 2011 CD is now available.  $10
Instructional DVD 
Create your own Native American Style flute
w/schematics        $40
Instructional DVD w/schematics 
plus 1 set of western cedar flute blanks   $60
Exotic wood Flute blanks
prices may vary
(email with your request for of wood and availability.)
All Orders are Plus+ shipping and handling. 
The shipping preference is the customers choice of carrier!!!...but I try to ship with the most way for the customer.
Local pickup  is always available ...if you are near Spokane
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