Peaceful Sounds Native American Style Flutes  - Hand Crafted Woodwind Instruments
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Read what some of our clients are saying: 
Your instructions on the DVD's, and little questions by phone couldn't have be better. My first flute blank is finished and its awesome. From your flute blank, I was able to construct and concert tune my E flute, and it is beautiful. I have had several comments already like (you made that!) Wow! It was a lucky day for me when I ran across your web site. There is a beautiful voice from my flute that is now singing in North Carolina.
Thanks Robin
Hi Jason,
> I stopped in last week and picked up one of your Cedar Flutes last week with my Sister. We were heading down to Prince William Sound to go boating for several days.
> Wanted to thank you for showing us your shop and tell you that the flute was a big hit and sure made it more fun in the evenings playing/ listening to the music. It was one of my Sisters highlights of the trip... "sitting around the fire at night and playing the flute"... as you can see
> Thanks again, Duane Sheehan
> P.S. I love the flute, it is so easy to play (and still learning)!
I received The F# flute that I ordered and also the video on how to care for your flute.I also received the videos on making the flutes with the schematics.
First off... I was so impressed with the beauty of the flute and it sounds just as beautiful as it looks! Then I watched the video on how to care for the flute. I honestly thought you might be a teacher.
I then watched the videos on how to make the flutes. As I love to watch woodworking shows on TV, your videos are by far now my favorite! They are very informative and easy to understand as you explain things and make them easy to understand.
I also took the blanks you sent me with my order, and I now have a flute in the key of E that I can proudly say I made! Being able to talk to you on the phone with any questions was also great! I cannot express how much I appreciate everything!
Because of you, I now can make the Native American flute witch has been something that I have wanted to do for a very long time! I also feel like I have made a true friend in the along the way! Thank you for the knowledge you have passed on to me! Keep up the good work, you are an excellent teacher and a true human being!
Best of wishes to you and your family!
Thank you and God bless,
Scott Hethcote
I received the flute today.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  From one woodworker to another, nice job. 
I love the sound of the flute.  It will take me a little while to get used to the square body, but it does have a nice feel and balance in my hands. 
Please pass on my thanks to your daughter for making the lovely flute bag.  I love the color. 
Thanks again, Joe Pack
This was a message from one of our ebay customers.
Dear peacefulsoundsinak,

Hi ...this has nothing to do with this flute, but one that I just purchased. It has quickly become my favorite flute! I am so happy with it I just had to let you know...I can hardly put it down and only do so when it will no longer play. You do beautiful work and should be very proud of your product. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift...know that it will be well taken care of, loved and is the slightly curly walnut in the key of E. The mellow tone is very soothing and inspirational...again thank you...Namaste' Donna

- bluelovelylass
Wow! I love the tone. The key and tonal quality is exactly what I had hoped for!!! I love the feel and they are so smooth to play! Best flutes and at the best value! I have bought a few flutes on line. Only three are really playable! The two I purchased from you are the best flutes I own! A couple of years ago I purchased a drone flute on line without hearing a sound byte. It looked great, but was like a chunk of shredded wheat inside the two holes. Can not get a tone out of it! I am going to polish the inside even if I ruin it. Can't make it any worse! I have played many and I would buy the flutes you build hands down. Thank You for the deal on the flute bags. They are awesome! Again I thank You for everything! 
 I just went up to my music room to check out how they sound thru my effects pod and amp! Wow! What tone! I am so pleased that I found your site! My grand-daughter is 10yrs old, she lives with us. I picked her up from school yesterday. When I played them for her,she got excited and she ask if I would play for her class? She is asking her teacher today! I am so glad she like music! 
Miigwech! Doug
A note from the client  that ordered the above spider flute.
Thank you so much for your inspirations, and creative genius.  I have written some thoughts about the process of designing my flute...hope you find that these thoughts show my deepest appreciation for your artistic work...
How does one design a flute that speaks of life…my life? Answer – call on Jason Leyva, Peaceful Sounds in Alaska.  
A memorable journey in itself…this handcrafted creation.  A collaboration of spirits as Jason Leyva connected his creative genius with my world view to bring first breath…rebirth…new life to a block of wood.   As if paralleling the cycle of life itself, Jason Leyva’s handcrafted creations are birthed, developed, and shaped for all eternity. 
Ed Iwata   January 2011      
"Jason Leyva's work is can see, feel, and hear all the love and attention he puts into each of his works of art. It is wonderful to get to play on an instrument that exudes the unique personality and high-quality attention of it's maker!"
From: Bethan Carter Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 10:55 PM
I picked up my custom flute this week and it was fantastic. The craftsmanship was exceeded all of my expectation. My custom, sea turtle (Honu), totem looks great and the inlays were perfect. This flute is a true work of art! In short my flute looks and sounds like a true piece of American history!


Matthew F. Baasch
Development Engineer Appraisal Team
BP Exploration (Alaska)

I just got my flute today !! I'm Floored Dude !!! It looks Fantastic and Sounds like a Dream come true. The craftsmanship is beyond words, the inlay is awesome and the Fetish came out better than I had envisioned, remarkable. You were right, the bag is a perfect match for the flute . Jason you should be very proud of you work and the work of your family ! As soon as I can put this one down and figure out what key I'll want next you will get a call from me.

Again , Jason tell your Family Thank you so much for their time and work on my Flute . It shows they love what they do and that makes MY Flute that much more Special.

P.S Looks good too on your web site !!

With Great Pride
USMC Retired
Allen J. Bell posted on Peaceful Sounds in Alaska's Wall (on Facebook)

Allen wrote:
"Thank you so much for sending those blanks and DVD set out so fast. I can not believe it only took four days for them to get to Florida! They are absolutely gorgeous! I can not wait to begin the process for crafting my first flute and then to pass that craft on to the Scouts. I have already watched all of the videos and will probably begin this week. I need to pick up a few more clamps, a chromatic tuner, and one of those flute tuning rods. Do you have a suggestion of an inexpensive tuner that works well?

Allen Bell
ASM Troop 14 Plant City, FL"
Brad Hughey
I was very interested in the Naytive American style flute for years. Never did I think I would be a Native American Style flute maker. I have Jason Leyva to thank for that. I met Jason at the Furrondy In Anchorage Alaska. Jason had a flute display that was amazing. The flutes were amazing sounding and the workmanship 2nd to none. The knowlege he had about how to make these amazing flutes WOW!!! If you are interested in an Native American Style Flute Jasons the man of course I would like to think I'm the runner up LOL..
I want to thank Jason for the knowlage he passed on to me and the steady calls and friendship we share. Peaceful Sounds in Alaska rocks.
Thank you Jason
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